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July 9, 2011


Paul Bird's life has been one of preparation for the fight game. From his earliest memories watching Mike Tyson fights with his father, to times as a teenager when he would sneak out of the house to attend amateur MMA events, to where he currently climbs into the cage with the high probability of exiting victorious. Australian born, 26-year old Bird is a well adapted professional MMA fighter equally comfortable striking, kicking, and grappling. His desire and drive to win have earned him a 10-3-0 pro record.

Paul's training regimen and pedigree combine to lead him up the ladder he is committed to climb. Taekwondo lessons as a child, youth amateur boxing leagues, and training and competing in Muay Thai in Thailand built the elements of his mixed martial arts style. As a pro, he trains up to three times daily, six days a week. He also benefits from sparring with several UFC veterans.

His dedication and work ethic continue to allow him pursue business interests along with competing. Paul has held ownership positions in multiple companies, including a high profile MMA retail store. It was through that experience that he learned things about MMA fans many fighters never understand. "I learned first hand how far some fans will go to support their favorite fighter. I've seen them spend close to their last dollar to buy a shirt, knowing it was helping their fighter reach their goals. I recall that every time I enter the cage. I know it's my responsibility to give back." stated an appreciative Bird.

He clearly strives for greatness and recognizes the demands on him will become greater as his career progresses. He knows he has heroes in his corner, that his fans have his back, and that Mom and Dad are still in the first row for every fight. Paul clearly has winning combinations both inside the cage, and beyond.

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